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Jeremy Bollington

Franchise Partner of Blo Mount Pleasant, South Carolina (and Area Representative)

When I was looking for a business, I wanted one that was scalable, but not a start-up. That led me to explore franchising options. I quickly ruled out food businesses due to the proliferation of brands, upfront investment and complexity. I also decided against territory-based sales businesses, as they are not scalable. That led me to the personal care category, and ultimately to Blo. Blo hit a number of my requirements: reasonable start-up cost, with positive forecasted economics. At the time I did my research, they had over 50 locations open, which made them a scalable business that was large enough not to have a corporate start-up risk. Positive feedback from Blo’s franchisees validated my decision.

Before Blo, Jeremy spent 20+ years as a banker in London, Hong Kong and New York. He built big and successful teams over the last ten years at two different institutions. In 2015, he decided it was time to explore something different. 


Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a first-time business owner, Blo Blow Dry Bar is an excellent fit for you. (No hair experience needed.)

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