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how do you blo?

Blo provides real estate site selection assistance. Helping you find that perfect location is as important as hairspray is to blow drying. We offer a variety of configurations from 400 square feet to 1000+ square feet. Who says size doesn’t matter?

Blo provides comprehensive assistance in the build process from initial drawings to final build. We work with you to ensure your bar is built to spec and on budget.

Some bars might also accommodate Blo Beauty Services such as makeup, nails or wax.

Blo Blow Dry Bar Franchise Location Interior

Blo Blow Dry Bar Interior Franchise Location

Blowouts and Hair Care Services at Blo Blow Dry Bar

Blo Blow Dry Bar Location Interior

Inside Blo Blow Dry Bar

Inside look at blo blow dry bar

beauty services available at blo blow dry bar

look inside blo blow dry bar

blo blow dry bar front desk