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Jean Camilletti went from the top ranks at Steve Madden shoes to owning her own Blo!

Jean realized at an early age that with no risk there is no reward and did what most aspiring entrepreneurs don’t do and dropped out of college. Instead, Jean took a job with a shoe wholesaler and became one of only three female wholesale reps along the east coast. She fought her way to the top and landed a job at Nine West where she served as vice president of sales and then Steve Madden, where she served as president. Now, Jean owns and operates six Blo Blow Dry Bar locations across the Northeast with all locations continuing to report positive year-over-year growth. 

This podcast stars Jim Riley, who has had the opportunity to work for and build some of the most successful brands in the world. Along the way he has learned to say “Yes” to opportunities that have come his way. Check out his podcast, The Answer is YES, and learn more about our Franchise Partner, Jean Camilletti!

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